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Western Red Cedar Shutter in Abbey

Breathe life into your rooms with natural Western Red Cedar Shutters.

They are natural, beautiful and durable. Red Cedar has been used for hundreds of years and still reign as the top choice for the finest appearance and best protection from the elements.

As a renewable resource for shutters, Red Cedar is truly in a class of its own.

Western Red Cedar Shutters can create a wonderful, warm accent to your room. It fits beautifully for those who love the natural grain and colours of Red Cedar wood.

Call, e-mail or get a quote online today and one of our professional companies will show you how to make your house a warmer home.

Western Red Cedar is scientifically classed in the highest category of durability and stability for outdoor use.

Chemicals called extractives are deposited in the wood as the sapwood turns to hardwood which provides the Red Cedar with its natural decay resistance.

Western Red Cedar Wood can keep up with our extreme Australian temperatures and moisture.

Their insulation is superior to all the other woods, aluminium and plastic shutters, timber and roller blinds.

Its unique fragrance acts as a natural repellent for insects.

It does not shrink as fast as the other woods. It has natural insulation ability.

Our Western Red Cedar Shutters are made from the highest quality red cedar wood. It’s lightweight but very durable for years.

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Western Red Cedar Shutters would to add a great deal of warmth and character your restaurant, school, office, business, shop or bar.

When using wooden shutters, it’s best to choose one that compliments your furniture. It doesn’t mean matching your wooden furniture exactly, but it does mean you should go with the furniture you have.

Find shutters that fit the style of the room. If your décor is light and airy, dark, heavy blinds will clash with it. Look at your space overall and consider the effect the shutters will have before deciding.

Western Red Cedar Shutters would cut out a lot of the sun, providing excellent light control and protection for your furniture, electronics and customers.

Call, e-mail or get a quote online today and our professional companies will contact you to discuss how you can add some warmth to your business.

Western Red Cedar Shutters last longer and perform better if they are kept clean.

Keep free of dust with a soft cloth, feather duster, microfiber wand or gently vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment. Use a small soft brush to dust cracks and hard to get at places.

Spot clean with a soft damp cloth – quickly wipe dry. Use a small amount of PH neutral soap in lukewarm water if needed.

NEVER allow water to remain standing on the shutters. If water penetrates the surface, it may cause warping, create hairline cracks or damage the finish.

NEVER use a silicon based product, abrasives or harsh cleaning products for cleaning.

Repair any damaged surfaces to prevent premature deterioration.

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