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Holland Roller Blinds in Abbey

Our Holland Roller Blinds Abbey are among one of the favourite blinds we have and are always in demand.

It is made with high quality materials, fabric and has a durable mechanism.

Your windows and doors will be insulated against cold and heat thanks to our quality fabric.

Our Holland Roller Blind Abbey comes in a wide variety of colours, including a total blackout blind for greater privacy in areas such as the bedroom. It also is available in a Sunscreen blind or a light filtering blind.

Our Holland Roller Blinds Abbey comes with a standard chain control. A spring mechanism is also available.

We have a large variety of fashionable colours and textures and an aluminum bottom bar, colour matching brackets and decorator trims.

Please call us or ask for a quote online today and add durable style to your home.

Maximum width up to 3310mm,depending on fabric.

Maximum drop 3000mm.

Maximum coverage area is 9m2 per blind.

Minimum reveal 60mm.

Standard Child Safety feature.

Six decorator trims or aluminium bottom rail.

Extruded heavy duty tube 43mm.

Chain is Australian-designed and can lift up to 11kg with spring assist option.

Available in matching Vertical, Roman and Panel Glide Blinds.

Spring Loaded: Hold the bottom rail and pull down. Available with scallop, plain trim or cutout.

Chain Driven: Uses chain from right or left side allowing greater control.

Spring Assist: Reduces the weight of lifting larger blinds by attaching system to the chain drive mechanism.

Double Blinds: Has two different fabrics in one window. Combines Sunscreen and Blackout blinds.

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Holland Roller Blinds Abbey are a great addition to your office, restaurant, bar or club.

Our products are all made with the highest quality materials, fabrics and mechanisms using the best craftsmen.

Our Holland Roller Blinds Abbey will positively change the design of your interior. Whatever your business or customers require, we have a Holland Roller Blind that is perfect for your sophisticated requirements.

They are operated by means of a roller mounted at the top of the blinds. They are available in a wide variety of materials which makes Holland Roller Blinds a great addition to any business.

Please call or ask for a quote online today and turn your business into a comfortable oasis.

The spring operated Holland Roller Blinds Abbey come pre-tensioned. To re-tension, first pull the blinds halfway down. Next take the Holland Roller Blinds down from the window. Roll the shade manually. Roll evenly and tight. Put it back up in its brackets.

If your Holland Roller Blind is chain operated, only use to chain to lower or raise it.

Always make sure the chain is fixed to the wall by a Child Safety Clip.

Use a clean dry cloth, feather duster or gentle brush to remove dust from the Holland Roller Blind’s surface.

Use a mild, lukewarm water solution to remove smudges. Use a clean dry sponge to wipe your Holland Roller Blinds as required.

Art gum rubber can be used to remove small marks.

Julie M.
"After trying many other companies to get my Shutters, I was disappointed with the service. However with Blinds and Shutters the experience was wonderful. We got exactly what we wanted and could not be happier. "
Bernard S.
"Getting our local Blinds consultant from Blinds and Shutters was so easy and quick. They came to my office and provided us with a very competitive quote. I highly recommend them to anyone. "
How does light vary in your home throughout the year and throughout the day?

emperature regulation. Do you like heat, or do you prefer cool? Do you live in a climate that caters to your preferences? How does the choice of blind affect the way that your home either expels unwanted heat, or retain it? Blinds can have a major effect on your heating and cooling bills and in environmentally conscious times, the less power that you use in heating or air conditioning, the better it is for the planet as well as for your bank account.

Blinds come in three main categories?

·  Awnings

·  Interior Blinds

·  Shutters

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