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Straight Drop Awnings in Abbey

Straight Drop Awning is created to improve your outdoor living area using high quality materials and elegant fabrics and designs.

Straight Drop Awning will protect you from harsh sunlight, ensures apleasant climate, and provides for pleasing surroundings.

The Channel Stop Straight Drop Awning uses a spring operated top roller and side channels which guide the Awning in the drop. It glides freely and may be locked in various positions.

Straight Drop Awnings are available in a wide variety of elegant styles and modern designs to suit all your home needs.

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Channel Stop comes in white, black, primrose and mill (can be powder coated).

Channel X uses side channels to hold and guide the fabric. Available with optional hood.

Shop Front used with J hooks hung from shop awning. It is manually raised and lowered with rope.

Convertible Awning uses a top roller and is operated with a rope and spool. It will cover maximum widths of 3900mm with a maximum drop of 2700mm.

Batten Awning uses a timber batten at the top and is operated by a rope and pulley.

Gear Operated Awning uses a 63mm top and can span widths up to 5500mm.

Roller Awning uses a roller and will cover maximum widths of 3900mm with a maximum drop of 2700mm.

Wire Guide Awning is perfect for verandahs and windows that need close fitting applications.

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Straight Drop Awnings are a great addition to your office, restaurant, club, bar or club.

Channel Stop Straight Drop Awnings are perfect for verandahs and decks.

Take care of your clients and customers in style and comfort with the practicality and elegance of these smart window shading solutions.

These Awnings are all sturdily constructed using the highest quality materials built to withstand the harsh rigors of our Australian climate.

This specially designed and engineered Awning permits your business to remain virtually uninterrupted all throughout the year round, despite the weather.

Call, e-mail or ask for a quote online today and one of our online companies will contact you with great deals!

Straight Drop Awnings should always be rolled up in windy conditions.

Keep the fabric clean by brushing both the top and underside with a soft brush.

Hosing occasionally on a hot day with cold water will minimise development of mildew

Awnings should not be rolled away wet. However if bad weather requires them to be rolled away wet, roll them back out as soon as possible to prevent mould build up.

Occasionally extend the Awning fully down to even out the material, particularly if the Awning is usually set in one position.

Do not allow dirt, plants or bird droppings to remain in contact with the fabric.

Do not apply detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides.

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