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Smartwood Shutters in Abbey

Smartwood Shutters PVC is made from polymer foam. It’s non-toxic, solid, synthetic material.

It can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and looks exactly like real wood.

Plus, they are easy to clean. They are low- maintenance since they are damp-proof and resist damage.

It’s lightweight, flame retardant, chemical resistant, waterproof, and has thermal properties. It also has excellent sound, insulation and damping properties. It’s great for studios and media rooms.

Unlike real wood, with Smartwood Shutters, you don’t have to worry about shutters getting cracked, chipped, weathered, or even infested with termites.

Please call e-mail or get a quote online today and one of our professional companies will show you how to protectand brighten your home with great deals!

The Smartwood Shutters in 64, 89 and 114mm blades are all re-enforced with an aluminium rod insert.

They are durable and long lasting.

Maximum panel widths for fixed panels 900mm(89 and 114mm blades) 700mm (64mm blade).

Maximum panel width for hinged 650mm (90 and 114mm blades) 500mm (64mm blade).

Maximum panel width for sliding 900mm (89mm and 114mm blades) 700mm (64mm blade).

Maximum panel width for bi-fold 600mm (89 and 114mm blades) 500 (64mm blade).

Midrail required for drops longer than 1800mm.

Ideal for wet areas and available with external grade paint for outdoor use.

Two way closure available.

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Smartwood Shutters would be an excellent addition to your office, restaurant, hotel, bar or club.

They are available in a wide variety of colours to suit your every décor.

Give your workplace the ultimate transformation and a truly contemporary new look.

The louver blades can be fully tilted and fully closed in the up or downward position. This gives your company greater privacy and better light control.

Bi-folding stiles have light stops fitted down the edge so you don’t get light creeping through.

Call, e-mail or get a quote online today and our professional companies will contact you to discuss how you can get great savings while adding brightness to your business!

To keep your Smartwood Shutters in nearly new condition, please follow these simple instructions.

Keep free of dust with a soft cloth, feather duster, microfiber wand. You can also gently vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment.

Please use a small soft brush to dust cracks and hard to reach areas.

Spot clean with a soft damp cloth when necessary. Quickly wipe dry. If soap and water must be used then use a small amount of PH neutral soap in lukewarm water.

Regularly rotate Blades.

NEVER use a silicon based product, abrasives or harsh cleaning products for cleaning your shutters.

Repair any damaged surfaces to prevent premature damage.

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