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Roller Shutters Care in Abbey

Roller Shutters Care are a fantastic addition to the décor of any home or office. With the right Roller Shutters Care your windows or doors will look fantastic, while providing you with the right ambience for any area.

Apollo Roller Shutters Care Instructions

  • Roller shutters usually do not need too much maintenance for them to work optimally. However, there are basic steps you can take in order for them to work well.
  • Make sure your shutters are well maintained by checking to see that the guides the shutters run on are clean and free from debris. It’s easy to do this by simply sweeping the litter or debris away.
  • Making sure that you open and close your roller shutters carefully will add to their durability.


  • Winder – Always use the winder handle to lower and raise the shutters. Don’t pull on the shutter itself.
  • Strap – Hold and pull the strap down from the top to raise the shutters. Pull up from the strap case to lower it.
  • 240 volt Standard – Please make sure that the shutter has stopped completely before changing any direction. To raise and lower shutter, press the toggle switch on the wall. ALWAYS STOP THE SHUTTER BEFORE CHANGING DIRECTION.
  • 240 Volt RTS – Operate using the remote control. Press UP or Down if it is a single channel remote. If you are using a multi channel remote, press UP or Down after selecting the proper channel that corresponds with the shutter you want to operate. ALWAYS PRESS STOP BEFORE CHANGING DIRECTION.
  • Low Voltage – Make sure that the controller is inside the holster. Press down to lower and up to raise. Before changing direction, always press stop. NEVER CHANGE DIRECTION BEFORE PRESSING STOP.
  • CAUTION: Make sure your shutters are not obstructed. Any obstruction leaning against the window, toys or tools left on a ledge could block operation of the shutter and possibly damage the shutter.


  • Dry your shutters with cloth or in the sun after dusting and hosing with water to remove grime and dirt.

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They will always have the best and safest way to clean them so that you can enjoy your new purchase as long as possible.

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