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Aluminium Venetian Blinds in Abbey

Our Aluminium Venetian Blinds are available in a wide variety of popular colours and comes at a best value price. We bring you durable aluminium slats with the best quality mechanism and the trendiest colours all for an affordable cost.

Our Aluminium Venetian Blinds come in three unique sizes, Micro (16mm), Cleanline (25mm) and the Classic (55mm).  

Each of our Aluminium Venetian Blinds comes along with durable matching cords, strong aluminium slats and the finest working parts.

You can expect excellent craftsmanship made with the highest quality materials in the latest fashions.
Please call or ask for a quote online today and let brighten up your area of choice.

Micro (16mm) Aluminium Venetian Blinds.

  • Maximum width 2700mm.
  • Maximum drop 3600mm.
  • Maximum coverage area 7m2
  • Standard Child Safety feature.

Cleanline (25mm) Aluminium Venetian Blinds

  • 6 wood tones
  • 4 perforated style slats
  • Ladder tape is 18mm pitch, giving a 7mm overlap (instead of standard 3-5mm)
  • Lift cords are within the safety wand
  • Maximum width 3300mm
  • Maximum drop 3600mm
  • Maximum coverage area 7m2
  • Standard Child Safety feature


  • Close both side

Cleanline :

  • Close one side. More aesthetic and offers better light control by concealing holes.

Classic (50mm) Aluminium Venetian Blinds

  • 6 wood tones
  • Maximum width 3300mm
  • Maximum drop 3600mm
  • Maximum coverage area 12m2
  • Standard Child Safety feature

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Our Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great choice to enhance the décor of your office, school, restaurant or bar. They are strong and undoubtedly stylish.

Each of our Aluminium Venetian Blinds has a durable mechanism for excellent light control.

We have added stylish venetians with elegant fabrics made from high quality materials.

Your customers and clients will feel at ease in the comfort and chic of your stylish selections.

It is an eye catching look that will definitely add a touch of panache to your current furnishings.

Please call us or get a quote online today and allow us to help you sharpen up your surroundings.

Blades must be rotated to open position before they can be lifted. To lift blind, grab all cords together on the lift mechanism.

Keep all cords on the same level when the blinds are raised or they will not rise evenly.

Jolt the cord to the outer side of the blind and the lock mechanism will engage. You can now unlock the blind mechanism and lower the blind by grabbing all cords together.

Pull slightly on cords and jolt slightly to inner side of blind.

Guide blind down slowly, by allowing cords to slide slowly through your fingers.

If Hold Down brackets are installed, clip bottom rail into Hold Down brackets to in windy weather.

Undo Hold Down brackets before raising blinds.

In winter, rotate blades downwards. This will direct sunlight through the window to the floor. Rising heat from the floor to the ceiling will help heat up the room. In summer time point the blades upwards. This will help to keep the room cooler.

When blind is raised cords should be cleated to keep out of reach of children.

To clean blinds, simply rotate blades closed in one direction and dust surface using a feather duster or soft cloth. Rotate blind closed in opposite direction and repeat.

Blinds should be dusted regularly (about weekly) to stop build up of dust.

Do not force blades apart with hands to reach window locks or handles. This may buckle aluminium blades.

Guarantee will be voided if blinds show evidence of misuse.

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