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Silhouette Shades in Abbey

Silhouette Shades are an inspired creation of gentle spinning fabric vanes in the middle of two sheer fabric-layers that allow light into your house. They help create a constant assortment of moods with inclining vanes. Silhouette Shades can blend the charming quality of blinds, shades and curtains in unique and beautiful schemes. These shades are cost-effective and ecologically aware. Your Silhouette Shades will maximise the efficiency of the available daylight in your space by spreading sunlight all throughout the room. You can therefore turn the lights off and preserve energy. Ask for a quote today to get great savings and brighten up your home.

Silhouette Shade Features

  • Multiple vane sizes.
  • Silver metal fabric design. 
  • Room darkening.

Product Variants:

Silhouette Shades have these variations:

  • 50 mm: It has room darkening properties and timeless chic motifs in delicate colours.
  • 63 mm: It has the latest contemporary economic vane sizes.
  • 75 mm: It has improved see-through visibility with an optional aluminum finish.
  • 100 mm: It has more light control that is perfect for rooms with large windows and expansive views.

Unique Solutions:

Silhouette Shades are perfect for rooms with high humidity. They offer practical window covering solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and halls by inhibiting the humidity that takes place in these settings.

Colours and Materials:


Sunscreen provides an unbroken view and a calm atmosphere. Its screen-like sheer on the reverse side keeps 25% more heat inside the rooms when the doors are casually opened and closed. The vane sizes are available in 75 mm and 100mm. The reverse side has a screen-like sheer on it and it has a coloured sheer look on the front side.


Matisse has an extensive array of great colours. Its vane sizes are available in 75mm and 100mm. It has white sheer on its reverse side; and a coloured sheet over its front.


Originale has popular and subtle colours. It is a truly proven classic. Vanes are available in all sizes. It has white sheer on both sides.

Besides Sunscreen, Matisse, and Originale, there are other materials available in various colours and vane sizes. They include Silk, Toujours, Bon Soir Matisse, and Bon Soir Originale.

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Silhouette Shades will add a layer of modern cool and contemporary sophistication to your office, restaurant or shop. These shades can stop harmful sunlight and help protect your interior furniture, computers and other electronic devices from heat and humidity. It will take the glaring sunlight and effortlessly change it into a much mellower light. You can also easily mix and match it to suit the colour of your office, store, restaurant or school decor. It helps to create a uniform look throughout your office that would be in line with your brand. Ask for a quote today and enjoy the luminance of your new surroundings.


Regular light dusting can help to preserve a new appearance on Silhouette Shades.


If you would like to do deeper cleaning for your Silhouette Shades, vacuum softly with the brush attachment from any vacuum cleaner. You may be vacuum it with a vertical stroke.

Compressed air or hair dryer (non-heat setting)

You can use compressed air or a hair dryer on the non-heat setting to blow dust off your Silhouette Shades. You can use a dry clean cloth or sponge to wipe away dust and dirt from your Silhouette Shades. Try not to spot clean them or blot them with water and soap. Too much rubbing might damage the fabric of your Silhouette Shades.

Injection or extraction cleaning

This cleaning method injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution right away. It is a very useful way to deep clean your Silhouette Shades. The service is usually done at the home or office so you do not need to remove your Silhouette Shades.

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