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Vertical Blinds in Abbey

Vertical Blinds have long been favoured for being easy to clean, durable and functional.

Our Vertical Blinds also offer a stylish solution for large windows and sliding doors.

You can choose from various different vertical vanes in many different patterns and colours that would coordinate perfectly with the rest of your décor.

All of our Vertical Blinds provide excellent room darkening for greater privacy and light control.

Simply select one of our beautiful blinds and add one of our seamless fabrics to create your own vision of beauty.

Please call us today or get a quote online to get the best solution for your Vertical Blind needs.

Tracking System

  • 41mm heavy duty track system (Strong, removes sag & has self aligning carriers with replaceable hook & stainless steel spacers).
  • Geared control box – no direct drive (precise control & easier to operate)
  • Dual Control System (Greater control, flexibility & functionality)
  • Wand or cord operation (both adhere to Child Safety legislation)
  • Optional fabric insert

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Versatile Verticals for the smallest window to larger sliding doors.

They are mould and fade resistant. They have an anti-static, dust resistant coating with a wipe clean surface.

They come in 89mm & 127mm slat widths with an option of no bottom chains. This product is proudly made in Australia.


  • Optional wand operation. Available in 89mm or 127mm slats
  • Maximum width 3900mm. This can be increased when using dual controls.
  • Maximum drop (89mm slat) 3000mm, (127mm slat) 3500mm.
  • Minimum reveal required for an 89mm slat 65mm, for a 127mm slat 85mm (space from window to front of sill).
  • Maximum coverage area per blind for 89mm slats 9m2, for 127mm slats 12m2.
  • No bottom chains option available.
  • Standard Child safety control feature.

89mm verticals.

  • Fits narrower reveals.
  • Sleek, modern look.
  • Allows great light control in the room.

127mm verticals

  • Eliminate more light than the 89mm option.
  • Cost effective.
  • Smaller stacking bunch than the 89mm option.

Shicane® Verticals.

Available in flat profile in an 89mm slat width.

Shicane® has a wipe clean surface and no bottom weights and chains. It provides better closure and good insulation.


  • Available only in 89mm slats.
  • Superior privacy & closure (Tighter closure by eliminating the bottom weight that fabric verticals use)
  • Non-allergenic (Perfect for asthma sufferers. There are no pockets to collect dust) 
  • Antifungal (Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens & all humid regions)
  • UV stabilised
  • Easy to clean
  • Better insulation
  • Maximum width 3190 mm for one way draw. 3900mm for split draw
  • Maximum depth 2650mm
  • Maximum coverage area per blind 7m2
  • Minimum reveal required 65mm (space from window to front of sill)
  • Available in flat profile
  • Shicane® has a wipe-clean surface
  • No bottom weights and chains
  • Child safety control feature as standard
  • Wand operated optional
  • Now available in Vynical flat profile in an 89mm slat width.

Sloping Verticals

  • One of few products that can cover a raked window
  • Bunch must be at longest side
  • Can only be left or right bunch
  • Can accommodate sloping top or sloping bottom
  • Slats are cut square and stepped
  • Cannot exceed 45 degree angle
  • Uni joint hook supplied for functionality
  • Designed for tilt only, bunched only to clean window
  • Slats marked on site and returned for finish

Available option: No bottom chains.

  • Chainless (No chain to break or replace, Ideal with children, pets and rental properties)
  • Chained (Stabilises the blinds in windy condition
  • Sewn in bottom weight (surcharge applies) Has a better closure than chainless
  • Shicane Chainless (Superior closure to all)

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Our special Vertical Blinds offer a premium, quality solution for the windows and doorways in your office, restaurant, school, business or club.

The fabrics can be co-ordinated with other blinds such as Roller Blinds or Roman Shades to match your office, school or corporate colours for a more uniform and classic look throughout your building.

The Vertical Blinds allow you to easily control the light that is entering the room. The interlocking action of the Vertical Blind vanes block out more light than some other options.

Our Vertical Blinds provide a high quality window covering solution for your workplace. Please call us or get a quote online today.

In order to get the most life out of your Vertical Blinds, follow these tips.

If necessary, the fabric vanes can be removed and re-attached for cleaning.

Many of our special Vertical Blind fabrics are both mould-resistant and fade-resistant.

They also have an anti-static, dust-resistant coating and a wipe-clean surface.

Your Vertical Blinds should always be in the open position when gliding slats open.

You can lubricate the mechanism by spraying silicone spray along the inside of the track once or twice a year.

If you want to get rid of tougher stains, use a mild solution of lukewarm water then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Small marks can be removed with an art gum rubber.

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