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Double Roller Blinds in Abbey

The Double Roller Blinds essentially consists of two Holland-Roller Blinds. They connect together. It is made up of a blackout roller blind and a sunscreen roller blind. The blackout roller blind offers functional insulation as well as privacy. The sunscreen roller blind comes with a protecting solution to shield from harmful UV rays. It also provides privacy during the day. They especially suit most of today’s modern or minimalistic home decor. You will get an elegant view that does not compromise on chic. Ask for a quote today and see how affordable and easy it is to transform your space into something beautiful.

The Double Roller Blinds work with no trouble using a controllable chain. They are neatly fitted either inside the window niche or on top of the window’s face. They have similar colours to the Sunscreen Roller Blinds and the Holland Blinds. You can completely customize the window treatments. There are two layer treatments. The first inner blind preserves the outdoor view while filtering light. The second outer blind completely blocks out sunlight. There is also a clear guide in the layering of your Double Roller Blinds. There are two fabrics with different colours used in Double Roller Blinds. The first is for the blackout blind and the second is for the sunscreen blind. The Light Filter fabrics allows light to be filtered in your rooms during the day. This material teams up with the Blackout Roller Blind to block out anything you don’t want to see. It also allows for privacy in your home or office.

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Double Roller Blinds can be used in commercial settings such as business, schools, restaurants, law firms, schools and other places that require durability, ease of use and low maintenance, The Double Roller Blinds will usually consist of a barrel where the fabric is firmly fixed. They are easily operated and last a long time. There is a vast array of fabrics to suit all your decorative as well as light and heat demands. We can help your company, business, school or firm gain a good advantage by improving the aesthetics, well-being and safety of your work surroundings. Ask for a quote and improve your customer satisfaction today.

* Spring operated blinds are pre-tensioned on installation.

* Remember to always draw the blind by pulling on the ring in the centre of the blind. If you pull on the fabric of the blind you may cause a malfunction of the mechanism or leave      marks on the fabric.

* If, in the future, your blind requires re-tensioning follow this procedure:

  1. First pull the shade half way down.
  2. Next take the roller shade down from the window.
  3. Then roll the shade manually. Make sure that it is rolled evenly and tightly all the way along.
  4. Now put the roller shade back up in its brackets.
  5. It at first you don't succeed, try again. It sometimes takes two or three tries
* If your roller blind is chain operated, always lower or raise using the chain only.
* If your roller blind is chain operated, always ensure the chain is secured to the wall by a child safety clip.
* Use a feather duster, gentle brush or a clean dry cloth to remove dust from the roller blind’s surface.
* You can remove smudges and stains with a mild, lukewarm water solution.
* Use a clean dry sponge to wipe your roller blinds when needed.
* Small marks can be removed quite well using an “art gum” eraser, available in stationery or art supply stores.



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