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Roller Blinds in Abbey

Roller Blinds are a stylish and smart solution for your home’s window covering needs.

Choose from a wide selection of blackout, fabric or sunscreen blinds to suit your décor.

The blackout roller blind provides practical insulation and also excellent privacy. These are perfect for bedrooms, boardrooms and media rooms.

The sunscreen roller blind comes with a protecting solution to shield from harmful UV rays. It also offers privacy during the day.

They particularly suit most of today’s contemporaryhome styles.

Please call, e-mail or get an online quote today and one of our online companies will contact you to see how affordable and easy it is to transform your home into something beautiful.

Chain control as standard.Traditional spring mechanism available.

Maximum width up to 3310mm, depending on fabric.Maximum drop 3000mm.

Maximum coverage area per blind 9m2.Mimimum reveal required 60mm.

Child Safety feature standard.

43mm extruded heavy duty tube. Australian designed chain control. Designed to lift up to 11kg with Spring assist option.

Spring Loaded: The traditional Roller Blind, uses a spring system to operate blinds. Simply hold the bottom rail and pull down. Available either with plain trim, cutout or scallop.

Chain Driven system allows operation of the blind using a chain from either the left or right hand side, allowing more control when operating the blind.

Spring Assist system is attached to the chain drive mechanism and reduces the weight of lifting larger blinds.

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Roller Blinds are a great addition in commercial settings such as business, schools, restaurants, law firms, schools and other places that require durability, simplicity and low maintenance, Roller Blinds will generally comprise a barrel where the fabric is tightly secured. They are easily controlled and last a long time.

There is large selection of fabrics to enhance all your decorative as well as light and heat requirements.

We can help your company, business, school or firm gain a good advantage by improving the aesthetics, well-being and safety of your work surroundings.

Please call, e-mail or ask for a quote online today and one of our online companies will contact you to get great savings and beautify your space.

Always draw the blind by pulling on the ring in the centre of the blind. If you pull on the fabric of the blind you may cause a malfunction of the mechanism or leave marks on the fabric.

If your roller blind is chain operated, always lower or raise it using the chain only.

If your roller blind is chain operated, always ensure the chain is secured to the wall by a child safety clip.

Use a feather duster, gentle brush or a clean dry cloth to remove dust from the roller blind’s surface.

You can remove smudges and stains with a mild, lukewarm water solution.

Use a clean dry sponge to wipe your roller blinds when needed.

Small marks can be removed quite well using an “art gum” eraser, available in stationery or art supply stores.

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