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Honeycomb Shades in Abbey

Honeycomb Shades will make your home more beautiful and more comfortable.

The secret is in the honeycomb shape. Its beautifully simple design is the inspiration for the Honeycomb Shades’ distinctive refined style.

Feel the rich textiles and luxurious textures. They come in a wide variety of colour choices.

You will also find the beauty in our fabric construction and hardware.

No other shade comes close to the Honeycomb Shades’ versatility. Any window, any room, we have it covered.

Let the sun shine in, or not, with our special honeycomb construction that diffuses natural light for brightness control that’s twice as sweet.

Please call or get a quote online today and one of our online companies will contact you with sweet deals.

Honeycomb Shades provide great balance. Up to 40% of a home’s heating and cooling can be lost through its windows. These shades keep that 40% safe and tucked in your home.

It’s that honeycomb shape again working night and day to reduce unwanted solar heat in the summer time by up to 80%.

It can also cut heat loss through windows in the winter by up to 40%. That’s going green in more ways than one.

The thickness of the fabric enables the filtering of light.

Honeycomb Shades offers great design for a more liveable home. They are the perfect balance of substance and style.

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Honeycomb Shades offer a great choice for your office, school, hotel, restaurant or bar.

Stack it tight for a view that’s dynamite or shut it all the way if that’s what feels right.

With top down or bottom up performance and a full spectrum of opacities and pleat sizes, you can create all kinds of light, see-through or privacy combinations.

They are created with high-quality materials by well-skilled craftsmen.

Protect your clients, keep them cool and let everyone know you mean business by calling us or getting a for one of our online companies to contact you with a sweet offer!

Honeycomb Shades are easy to clean in your bathtub.

Take down the Honeycomb Shade. Fill the tub with warm water and a mild detergent. Dip the fabric into the water. Stop at the head rail or valence. Wash for five minutes by gently moving the water around with your fingers.

Next, rinse with clean water. To drain, raise the Honeycomb Shade fully and tilt it so the excess water can run off. That’s it! Now re-install the shade. Lower it and let it dry completely.

Regular dusting will maintain a new appearance. You can also use compressed air or a hair-dryer on a low, cool setting. Use your vacuum’s brush attachment for deeper cleaning.

Spot-clean with warm water and mild detergent. Dampen a clean white cloth and dab the spot gently.

Professional cleaning like ultrasonic or injection extraction are also options.

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