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Basswood Shutters in Abbey

Basswood Shutters are among our most popular wooden shutters. Basswood grows in the Eastern and Central North America.

It gets its name from the inner bark or bast that’s also used to make ropes, baskets and mats.

Basswood is a top choice for shutters because it’s lightweight and strong. It’s versatile in the way it paints and stains. Since Basswood is lighter, larger panels can be made with less effort.

Our fantastic Basswood Shutters are excellent with a great amount of light control and superb style.

They are carefully designed for your beautiful home.

Please call, e-mail or get a quote online today and one of our professional companies will show you how to beautify your space with great deals!

Basswood is carefully selected for its many qualities including its resistance warping when kiln dried. The timber is kiln dried to about 10% moisture, reducing the prevalence of movement.

It’s manufactured with mortise and tenon joints for greater strength

Minimum width 250mm. Maximum width 950mm (1080mm for fixed and sliding when combined with 60mm stiles).

Minimum height 260mm. Maximum height 3000mm (heights above 1800mm require a midrail, two midrails required above 2500mm).

Maximum width for bi-fold panels 600mm. Available in 47mm, 68mm, 90mm and 114mm blades.

Available in flat and aerofoil blades. Painted or stained options.

Circular, arched and angled styles are available. Two way closure available.

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Basswood Shutters are an elegant addition to your office, restaurant, school, bar or club.

It is naturally a medium density timber and therefore perfect for shutters. It’s not too heavy or too light, yet still offers a reasonable amount of hardness. This gives it good resistance to knocks.

Basswood shutters are designed to enhance the beauty of your workplace. Add a touch of sophistication and natural elegance for your clients and customers.

Call, e-mail or get a quote online today and our professional companies will contact you to discuss how you can get some savings and add beauty to your business.

To keep your Basswood Shutters in nearly new condition, please follow these simple directions.

Keep free of dust with a soft cloth, feather duster, microfiber wand or gently vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment. Use a small soft brush to dust cracks and hard to get at places.

Spot clean with a soft damp cloth when necessary – quickly wipe dry. If soap and water must be used then use a small amount of PH neutral soap in lukewarm water.

NEVER allow water to remain standing on the shutters. If water penetrates the surface it may cause the timber to warp, create hairline cracks or damage the finish.

NEVER use a silicon based product, abrasives or harsh cleaning products for cleaning your shutters.

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